Baking With Butter

The perceptive observer might notice, we hear always use butter in our recipes. It is quite common to find a recipe that calls for shortening, or even margarine. In these recipes we always replace these unsavory items for butter. It is our belief down in Hell that the only reason someone would replace an item as sumptuous as butter with something as dreary as shortening is because they have some unresolved, human related, issues with semi-solid gold.

The Issues

It’s everywhere!

Butter has a fairly low melting point. This makes it rather hard to work with. Even holding butter in your hand for too long will cause it to melt, unless you’re an ice elemental anyways. This also means that while cooking, your baked goods like cookies are going to spread farther and it could cause your cookie to be flatter than intended.

Run for your lives! It’s… FAT!!

Butter is fatty. There is no getting around it. But that is one of the main reasons you’re using butter! You are using it as a source of fat for your baked goods. Which is a vital part of the chemistry of your desserts! Plus, shortening is also fat. That is why it is used in place of butter. The fat in some shortening can be worse than the butter fat.

Try a sip, it’s good!

Butter, on average is going to contain about 20% water. This means that when your baked goods are baking away they are also steaming away. This will produce more glutton in your food. Though this isn’t really a problem unless you want your baked good all crumbly.

The Fix

To start with the easy one, butter is fat get over it. Some fat is good for you and believe it or not it is an essential part of life. Stop whining that it is going to make you fat. We know that the human metabolism isn’t as good as a demons but deal with it and eat in moderation.

Sure, I’ll watch it. Might eat it all though…

We know that it can be hard to work with butter when it keeps melting one you. Sometimes it does come in handy though. For the times that it doesn’t, there are some tricks to make things easier. Try to touch the butter as little as possible. The less heat you put into the butter, the slower it will melt. Cool your hands. You don’t have to shove your hands in ice, something as simple as running them under cold water works too. And even easier, if it gets too hot shove it in the fridge. Try chilling your dough before you bake it. Believe it or not it will cause the butter to melt slower.

Yes butter contains water. But so does milk, coffee vanilla extract and various other ingredients you will be using in your baked goods. If you tried to make a treat without any water at all you would have something similar to sand. Even down here that is horribly unappealing. If your baked goods end up too chewy, you can always reduce one of the other liquids in the mix too.

The Taste

The flavor of butter is wonderful! Of course, just like anything, the taste depends on a vast number of things but overall it is delicious. And this is why we love to use it. Butter tastes so much better then all the other alternatives. And yes we know, you can get shortening in butter flavor or just use butter extract. It just isn’t the same though. The taste of butter is so important that it is one of the main criteria for the quality rating.


One thought on “Baking With Butter

  1. missgrill says:

    love butter. haven’t had margarine my fridge for over 12 years!

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