What Makes a Spice Cookie

The Cookie

12 for me… 1 for you

Who doesn’t love a cookie? They are small hand-held tasty temptresses that can travel with you wherever you go. Unlike a cake they don’t travel awkwardly and, most of the time, they don’t have pesky frosting to get squashed and get all over everything. They come in all shapes and sizes and flavors. There is no such thing as the best cookie, but today we have decided to go with the spice cookie.

Spice cookies are similar to the spice cake we previously mentioned. The cookies have a combination of spices which gives them a whimsical woodsy flavor. One dimensional thing about spice cookies, that varies from a spice cake, is that they usually contain molasses. This gives the cookies a deep sweet flavor. To balance out the bitter taste of most of these ingredients, spice cookies are loaded with sugar. They not only get a dose of sweetness from the molasses, they also contain large amounts of brown sugar and white.

The Flavor

Molasses is a byproduct in the process of making sugar. It’s level of sweetness can vary depending on the amount of sugar removed from the product. It is very thick and syrupy and tends to have a strong and distinct bittersweet flavor.

Spices are the main source of flavor in a spice cookie. While the spices used can vary, most commonly used are cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger.

The Additions

So tasty! As long as you don’t get bit during harvest… that could be bad…

The above simply depicts your average everyday basic spice cookie. As always, creatures love to make the dessert their own by adding their own special ingredients. Quite often, those ingredients are used by other individuals to make their own ‘creative’ cookie. Most commonly humans like to add seeds and nuts, such as sesame seeds and almonds. It is also common to add fruits such as oranges and often pumpkin is thrown in as well. A lot of the time, since humans don’t know when to leave well enough alone, the cookies can be found iced or dusted with powdered sugar. We do concur, sometimes, that with a crisp spice cookie the addition of icing can be delish. Down here in hell though, we like to add ghael. It gives such a nice flavor.


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