Baking with Vegetables

Now we all know that when you people read the last few lines of the last post, What Makes a Devil’s Food Cake, almost all of you made a little gross face at the thought of baking a cake with beets in it. Sounds disgusting to you. huh? You are wrong. Vegetables, beets included, are delicious in baked goods and they show up there way more than you seem to realise. Quite a few of you know what we are talking about. For those of you who don’t, prepare to be informed.

The Argument

It’s not so much an addiction as…

“But baked goods should be sweet!” You argue. Not true. There are many breads and pies that are not sweet. These can be made with or without vegetables. Think of pizza or a good chicken pot pie. Both are baked, in your oven or someone elses, and both are savory dishes that you more than likely eat quite routinely for dinner. Not just for you humans either, ogres love a good slice of pizza. 

Your thinking of dessert. Here we have to agree, desserts should be sweet. But, there is no reason why we cannot use vegetables to make a sweet dessert. Many have done so before and many will continue to do so. Think about your common baking ingredients. Commonly in cake one would use flour, sugar, egg, extract (usually vanilla), baking soda/powder, butter and salt. Have you ever tried any of these ingredients all by their little lone selves?

Ya, not so sweet

Aside from the sugar, not one of them is considered sweet. All of these even find themselves in savory dishes. So why is adding a vegetable any different from adding an egg?

The Desserts


Squash-y goodness!

Pumpkin pie. Be honest here, you just drooled a little. What is the main ingredient? Pumpkin. Have you ever had pumpkin soup? Toasted pumpkin seeds? Neither of these are sweet foods. Somehow pumpkin manages to pull of both.


This counts as my serving of veges right?

Carrot Cake. Take a moment to wipe our mouth. This cake is both delicious and sweet. While you might argue with us a little on the pumpkin, there is no way that ou can argue about carrots. They are a vegetable that is found, more often than not, in not so sweet dishes. Yet they can be sweet too.


Honey butter here I come!

How about Zucchini bread, or a good sweet cornbread. If you have never had zucchini bread, remedy that. Zucchini bread is absolutely delicious, especially with a nice bit of honey butter. It is a slightly sweet bread and we definitely count it among our collection of desserts. However, if it is not dessert-y enough for you, try zucchini brownies. Again, delicious. And no one can convince any of us down here in hell that a brownie isn’t dessert.


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