Kaffee und Kuchen

The Tradition

Long before we decided that we needed to make a cake specifically for coffee, the Germans were enjoying kaffee und kuchen, coffee and cake. Around three-four in the afternoon people would gather at a cafe or at home, with friends and family to enjoy a tasty slice of cake and a good cup of coffee. Of course if you don’t like coffee, you can always have tea instead though kaffee or tea und kuchen just doesn’t roll off the forked tongue as well.

Look at the colors!

The type of cake eaten doesn’t matter. Whatever delicious form of baked goodness you feel like eating on that random day at three, given you have access to it, can be consumed. More traditionally, people tend to eat classical German cake, of which there is still a vast array of tasty options. Traditional German cakes do have less sugar and more butter though.

The History

So… ya… important stuff…

Back in the 17th century, which I hear is a long time ago for you humans, women in Germany were not to drink coffee. It was deemed ‘unladylike.’ As such, women were not allowed in coffee houses either, places where men held conversation about politics, the economy, trade, culture, and networking.

As everyone knows, women don’t like being told what they cannot do. So they said screw you and started kaffee und kuchen, a chance for them to do everything the men were doing with the addition of cake. And we all know cake makes everything better. eventually women were allowed in coffee shops but the tradition still goes on. Usually, it has been limited to Sunday afternoons when people have more free time.



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