What Makes a Bownie

The Brownie

A brownie is a near flat square of chocolate-y goodness. It is also a short furred cleaning elf but that isn’t what we are talking about today. For the food brownie, there are quite a few beliefs about how they came to be though everyone agrees that the started in the U.S. Most believable, a woman knew what she wanted and demanded it, even if it didn’t exist yet.

There’s no chocolate!!!

Brownies can come in a variety of forms. They can be fudge-y or chewy. They can be filled with nuts, fruits an other variety of chocolate. They can even be made with vegetables like zucchini or carrots. Even rarely, they can be found to not have any chocolate in them at all!

The Chocolate

Despite the last comment, most brownies will contain some manner of chocolate or another. A lot of times people will use multiple types of chocolate in their brownies to incorporate the

Cocoa Powder is the powder left behind when cocoa butter is removed from chocolate liquor. It has a very bitter taste as it lacks any fat or sugar. It is commonly used for baking chocolate cakes and making hot cocoa for its full chocolate flavor and dark color.

Baking chocolate is cooled and hardened chocolate liquor. It is an unsweetened chocolate that does not taste good plain. As its name implies, it is used a lot in the baking of cakes.

Sweetened chocolate is not a very popular choice for baking. The sugar and other ingredients it contain often mess up the delicate composition of baked goods. Usually they are added in as extras, in much the same way fruits or nuts are added.

The Extra

Often times brownies will include extra ingredients like fruits and nuts. Nuts are a very popular ingredient to add to brownies to give the dessert some added texture while fruit are typically added for the addition of their flavor. Brownies can also be found glazed, frosted, dusted or plain. A glaze can add fruit notes to the brownie without adding chucks of fruit to the actual batter and a dusting can add some color to the otherwise plain-looking brownies. However, a good brownie should never need frosting. Here, it is a sin to mask the wonderfully balanced flavor of any good brownie with the addition of overly sweet frosting. If you want frosting, bake a cake.


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