What makes a spice cake

The Cake

Spice cake is a dense mass of delicious spices. That is really were any relevant definition for this cake ends. It is often iced, glazed or frosted. It can be baked alone or with any manner of fruits or, more commonly then you know it, vegetables. This cake can be tiered, loafed, cupcaked, bundted or any other form your heart desires. Not even a spice mix is mapped out for you. The only thing that makes your cake a spice cake is that you use spices to flavor your cake. You can go American and punch your eaters in the face with its awesome spice might or you can go a more classical French and woo them with a subtle spice serenade. Either way you’re still enjoying a splendid slice of spice cake.

The Spices

While there is no set in stone spice mix, there are a few favorites generally used in spice cake. Now don’t take this to mean that these are what you have to use in any form of the word, you could call them favorites to the spice cake genre. Nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and cloves are the most popular choices for spice cakes.

Nutmeg has a woodsy slightly spice sweet flavor, most familiar to people as something to be sprinkled on eggnog. It is more often used in savory dishes but it does work well in sweets too.

Allspice is not a mix of all spices and people explaining its flavor as a mix of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves doesn’t help to dismiss this. While this is true, allspice is a spice all its own with warm and slightly sweet notes.

Cinnamon is the most popular of all spices. No buts, everyone knows what cinnamon is, they are familiar with the sweet woodsy taste and most have baked with it before. It is used in a lot of baked goods and candies.

Cloves have a very pungent strong slightly sweet flavor and have a very bad habit of overwhelming other spices. Not to say cloves are bad, you just have to remember to tone them down a pinch though.

The Extras

As I have said, the above is enough to classify your cake as a spice cake. More often than not, people like to make their cakes more fancy with fun and tasty additions. When it comes to spice cake, people will most commonly add carrot, apple or pumpkin. Of course some will also add zucchini or oranges or dates, really anything that is complimented by their chosen spice blend.

Most people love a good carrot cake. It is the most commenly eaten spice cake in America. Don’t believe that it is a spice cake? Check out a recipe. Any good carrot cake calls for at least two of the spices listed above. That’s more then some fancy spice cakes. By far, my favorite would have to be an apple spice cake. Let’s face it, apples were born to be paired with spices. Their flavors marry so well and when caramelized before they are incorporated, fantastic.


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